Our Auxiliary works to build funds for our specific needs in the Home so we can make it a better place for all who reside here.

The first meeting of the LHGS Auxiliary was on August 31,1961. The initial  project of the Auxiliary was to build a fund to be used to purchase furnishings for the Home after its completion. In 2013 LHGS celebrated their 50th anniversary. Our Auxiliary has been active for over 55 years.

LHGS is very thankful for the Auxiliary and feel they are an asset of immeasurable value to our home.

Since 1965, the LHGS Auxiliary has held an annual Fall Festival to raise money for specified needs. They were major contributors to the new beauty shop in the Towne Center.

The Fall Festival and the annual “Love Letter’ are the major fundraisers of the Auxiliary. They are well known for the wonderful pies and desserts served at the Fall Festival.

Membership in the Auxiliary is open to women from all churches and denominations. They meet on a quarterly basis in the Coffee Shop at LHGS, and are always open to new members. If you are looking for a worthwhile venture to meeting new people, getting involved and helping out, please feel free to call any Auxiliary member, or come to their next meeting and ‘join the fun’.