Outing Guidelines

Per CMS guidelines,  Ref: QSO-20-39-NH Revised 03/10/2022

Residents may leave the facility as they choose.

Should a resident choose to leave, the facility should mind the resident and any individual accompanying the resident to follow all recommended infection prevention practices including wearing a face covering or mask, physical distancing, and hand hygiene and to encourage those around them to do the same.

Upon the resident’s return, nursing homes should take the following actions:

  • Screen residents upon return for signs or symptoms of COVID-19.  If the resident or family member reports possible close contact to an individual with COVID-19 while outside of the nursing home, test the resident for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Place the resident on quarantine if the resident is not up-to-date with all recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses.
  • If the resident develops signs or symptoms of COVID-19 after the outing, test the resident for COVID-19 and place the resident on Transmission-Based Precautions, regardless of vaccination status.
  • A nursing home may also opt to test residents, who are not up-to-date with all recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses, without signs or symptoms if they leave the nursing home frequently or for a prolonged length of time, such as over 24 hours.
  • Facilities might consider quarantining residents, who are not up-to-date with all recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses, and leave the facility if, based on an assessment of risk, uncertainty exists about their adherence or the adherence of those around them to recommended infection prevention measures.
  • Monitor residents for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 daily.