Outing Guidelines

Per CMS Guidelines,  Ref: QSO-20-39-NH DATE: REVISED 09/23/22

Residents may leave the facility as they choose.

Upon the resident’s return to the Nursing Home, the following actions will be taken:

  • Should a resident choose to leave, please adhere to infection prevention practices such as wearing a face covering or mask, especially for those at high risk for severe illness and when county transmission is high, performing hand hygiene and encouraging those around them to do the same.
  • Upon the resident’s return, monitoring for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 will be done.
  • If a resident develops symptoms of Covid-19 after an outing testing will be completed per CDC guidelines.
  • If a resident is out of the facility for more than 24 hours Covid testing will be completed after 24 hours, then day 3 & 5 after the visit.
  • If a residents or family member reports possible close contact to an individual with COVID-19 while outside of the nursing home, monitoring and testing will be completed per CDC guidelines.
  • When the nursing home’s county COVID-19 community transmission is high, everyone in a healthcare setting should wear face coverings or masks.

Regardless of the community transmission level, residents and their visitors, when alone in the resident’s room or in a designated visitation area, may choose not to wear face coverings or masks and may choose to have close contact (including touch). If a roommate is present during the visit, it is safest for the visitor to wear a face covering or mask.