Carol WolkenhauerCarol Wolkenhauer
Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd Board of Directors

Carol Wolkenhauer has been on the LHGS Board of Directors for 5 years. She initially filled the position her mother Norma Rudel held for many years – representing First Lutheran Church of Fessenden. Carol said she is following a family tradition as both her parents, Norm, and Norma were on the Board of Directors. When asked what she likes the best about LHGS, Carol said: “the bigger, nicer rooms that are private….and the nice layout… doesn’t seem so institutional.” Carol said she promotes how nice LHGS is and said: “we have a good foundation and good leadership, so we are in a good spot….we are very fortunate.” Thanks for the nice comments Carol and for continuing the family tradition of time and leadership at Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd.