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About Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd

The mission of the Lutheran Home of Good Shepherd shall be to provide, in the name of Christ, high-quality long-term care and other services and programs which address the needs of the senior citizen and special needs individuals.

At Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd, our guiding principle is to provide outstanding and innovative healthcare in an environment that stresses the importance of the individual and family. Our staff of dedicated professionals embodies the values that we cherish most – a nurturing spirit and a commitment to quality. We welcome you to visit and tour Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd soon.

Management of the Home

Kim Jensrud

Kim Jensrud

Peggy Dockter
Peggy Dockter
Director of Nursing
Paula Loewen
Paula Loewen
Pastoral Care
Terri Backer
Terri Backer
Activity Director
Becky Hilbert
Cathy Bowman
Administrative Assistant & Foundation Coordinator
Diana Weber
Diana Weber
Billing Officer
Christi Gautheir

Christi Gauthier
Human Resources Director

Irene Cudworth
Tressa Lesmeister
Accounting Officer
Bobbi Guthmiller
Bobbi Guthmiller
MDS Coordinator
Lisa Barton Resident Care Coordinator
Lisa Barton
Resident Care Coordinator
Melanie Elverud
Melanie Elverud
Dietary Director
Vicky Richter
Bonnie Dauenhauer
Infection Preventionist Education Coordinator
Ruth Braaten
Ruth Braaten
Child Development Center Director
Georgia Johnson
Georgia Johnson
Assisted Living/Apartment Director
Ashley Fleming
Ashley Fleming
Social Services Director
Bruce Klein
Bruce Klein
Environmental Services Manager

Consulting Staff

Dr. Michael Page
Medical Director

St. Aloisius
Occupational Therapy

Peak Performance
Physical Therapy

Progressive Therapy Services

Sara Richter

Dr. Robert Cudworth

Brooke Fredrickson

Caring for Life



Linda was here visiting her brother, a resident at LHGS, and stopped by to pass along her appreciation for the staff. She commented that everyone is so friendly, and was especially impressed with nurse Jill’s interactions with her brother. “She was able to get him to smile and he seemed to understand what she was saying to him. I stopped at another nursing home this morning and the whole feeling and atmosphere was so different from LHGS – no greetings, no smiles.”

Thank you for your kind words, Linda!

Family of Mildred

Thank you for your gentle & kind care of our mother, Mildred, especially her last days.  We appreciated the many considerations given to the family.  The coffee, hugs, food, words of encouragement – given by everyone from dietary, chaplaincy, therapists and nursing.  Her passing was indeed beautiful, full of dignity, exactly what we prayed for.   

Ralph & Janice

My sister Peggy said the care she received at LHGS was exceptional and we feel she deserved it as she always gave full measure of herself to everyone during her lifetime. Thank you so much.

Vickie & Mervin

Thank you for your kind and compassionate care for my mother Frances I while she lived at your nursing home. My Dad and I deeply appreciate each of you for all that you did for Mom. God Bless you!

Ted’s Family

We would like to offer our sincere thanks and gratitude to the amazing staff of LHGS who gave exceptional care to our loved one Ted Gathman while he was in the Joy wing. Thank you for the pancakes, cookies, hot chocolate, ice cream, back rubs, and all the other extras that Ted so enjoyed. We had staff who sat on Ted’s bed, holding his hand long after their shift had ended. One staff member brought a salad for us to enjoy at our Easter dinner in the Coffee Shop. All of you touched Ted’s life and the lives of all his family. We will be forever grateful for the care and compassion that was shown to us. So many of you became our lifeline during one of the most difficult times in our lives. You should be very proud of your staff of social workers, nurses, CNA’s Chaplain, and employees in dietary, therapy, maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, and business offices who made Ted’s last months so pleasant.Everyone went way beyond any of our expectations.  We will keep all of you in our hearts and always in our prayers. 

Eva & Fran Schumacher

My sincere gratitude to all of the wonderful people that work at LHGS. Mom seemed to like all of the staff and I appreciate the kind and caring work that you all do for everyone who lives there. A BIG thank you to the maintenance staff (Brett) for helping hook up the tv and helping load all of her stuff. Also my sincere thank you to Pastor Deb for all of her comforting words. Cathy, Jeanette, Dana, Tori, Georgia, Alisya, and I’m sorry if I have forgotten some of the names. You are all the very best and I thank you so much for everything you have done for Lois and myself. Bless you all.

Linda, Ron, Mona

Thanks to the staff of LHGS for taking such great care of our Mother. Could not have asked for a better place for her to be.


Judy said she’s got only good things to say about LHGS. All the staff are so helpful and friendly, and I’ve enjoyed all the Christmas activities. We enjoyed her helpful hints during our lefse making activity too. Thanks for the kind words Judy!

Doris’ Family

Thank you for the excellent care you gave Doris during her stay at the LHGS. She was very happy living there and especially enjoyed all the activities!


“There are so many things to choose from!” Peggy stated, while in the Gift Shop. She then continued visiting and said “this (LHGS) is a very nice place…..I would advise anyone to come here….it’s just a very nice place!!” I asked if I could quote her on this and her reply was “Yes you can…I’m very happy here”!.

Thanks for the kind words Peggy

Ray’s Family

Thank you for the beautiful CD in memory of Ray, it is very calming. Also thank you for taking such good care of him. We are so very thankful that LHGS is close by and well run.

Jeff & Carla

Thank you for such quality of care that you give to friends and family alike. You are appreciated. God Bless you!


Elma was recuperating at LHGS and said: “I can’t imagine being any place better than this! They come and ask me what I want for breakfast, they keep me busy with activities, and there are always nurses around to help – introducing themselves each day…..you must have a lot of nurses on staff! If I need to be in a nursing home again, I will definitely say I want to go to LHGS right away – there is no place better than here”.

Thank you for the kind words Elma, and for choosing LHGS.   It was our pleasure caring for you.

Brian J & Family

Just a note of thanks for the wonderful care given to Kevin, my brother, during his stay at Good Shepherd. We are so thankful for the great care and safe place he was able to live in. We know that he enjoyed his time there. 


We really appreciated all you did in the care of Daniel these past six months. Your love and support really meant so much. God bless you all!

M. Johnson

I thank you for making my son a home for the time he spent in your facility/home.

Semon’s Family from ND and WA

LHGS Staff: Thank you ALL for the love and caring you gave to Semon. We are so blessed to have our “Home” and it’s staff in New Rockford. Every one of you were a blessing to him and us…housekeepers, maintenance, nurses, cooks, CNA’s, office workers…if you work there – THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts@ May our loving Father bless each and every one of you real good!

The Family of Lillie

The family of Lillie wrote: A special thank you to the staff of the Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd who cared for Mom with kindness and compassion. You gave her family the gift of peace of mind, knowing she was well cared for and treated with dignity and respect.

The Family of Dorothy

The family of Dorothy wrote: Special thanks goes to Pastor Deb for her kind words and visits to Mom; LHGS staff thank you for the wonderful care you gave Mom and for being so attentive to the needs of the family.


When Charlie was asked how the services at LHGS were he quickly said “very good!” “The food was good” and he was “very impressed with therapy!” He had expected to be here 4-5 weeks but they helped him more than he thought they would and made his stay shorter – allowing him to go home earlier than anticipated. “Staff are very good”.

Thanks Charlie!

Ethel’s Family

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful care and friendships our Mother received while a resident. We were so blessed to have this facility and staff while it was needed. Thank you all and God bless you for your love & caring for her.


Dianne spent some time at LHGS recovering from surgery. She says everything was great….wonderful! She also said there was lots of kindness and caring on the staff’s part. “Lots of positives”.
– Thanks Dianne!

Penny Schafer

Facebook comment:
“Looks nice and clean. Really liked the patio. Activities posted..look like they like it.”

Paul Hungness

When Paul had been at LHGS after a surgery I asked him if he was here to see us because he missed us?  His reply was “no – because the therapy is so good….but don’t tell them that” he laughingly said:) He said ‘therapy is getting him on the road good’. As far as the nurses and CNA’s…he said “they are very good and 2nd best only to my wife…who is really good!” He said they’ve all been really nice to me, and overall staff have been very good. As far as Activities, he said he’s a bit too tired to participate much, but the music is good.

“Thanks Paul Hungness for all the nice compliments.” 


Good Report
When recovering from surgery at LHGS, Eloise Lucht reported she had excellent care. She said she was very pleased with everything – therapy was excellent – she slept very well – the rooms are quiet and very comfortable.
– Thanks for all the nice comments Eloise!


When spending 10 days at LHGS while recovering and going thru rehab, Fred Allmaras said he was treated very well. He said Matt and Teri did a good job in therapy. Fred said he had no complaints, and only had good things to say about his stay at LHGS.
– Thanks Fred!

Modesto Allmaras

“LHGS is still the “best” of all the places I’ve seen around the country.  How fortunate for the people in the area.”

– Modesta Allmaras

Bill & Martha

To the Staff of Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd “Angel Road Wing”,
We are still in awe of the outstanding compassion, tenderness and love you had given to our beloved Father, Harold Otto Garske.  Even though our Father had a longer than expected stay, your facility continued to reflect heart felt care for him, for which we are eternally grateful.

This was a bittersweet time for our family however, Good Shepherd continued to provide Dad with excellent care and made our family members feel at home as well. Your facility truly provided excellent care and your amazing staff operated with such respect and professionalism.

Thank you again for reflecting God’s Love in all that you do. It’s refreshing to see that there are still people out there who have genuine concern in their hearts for others.

Sincerely, Bob & Martha Garske


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